Enjoy the dazzling effect of splashing water effects and fireworks at your event...

Sense Effects provides unique water effects, fireworks and special effects, indoor and outdoor, especially for EDM (electronic dance music) -festivals,
concerts, tours, private events, corporate events and holidays related shows.

We present the magic of water, fire and other elements of movement, light, and emotion, that reconnects with
our senses, and will unite to an unforgettable highlight of your event!


We also produce the most complex fireworks and special effects shows, with fire, co2, fireworks, and enternainment.
Indoor and outdoor.


We take the technical production of the shows entirely on our behalf, including creating a show plan, construction and assembly, rehearsals, directing the shows, and of course matching it all to the wishes of our client.
Combinating technical installations with the demands of the entertainment industry is our way of creating magic!

applicable everywhere...

Our fountains, and any other effect machines are specially designed to post temporarily at any desired location. A lake, river, canal provides the perfect location. In addition, we can realize fountains with our modular pool construction system. This can be placed at several locations, like theatres, stages, and even the parking place of your company.