Decibel Outdoor Festival

Fountains at Decibel Outdoor Festival

At the Decibel Outdoor EDM Music Festival, we delivered several fountains. Near the Pussylounge stage we had posted nine floating fountains that were placed around the stage. The fountains were changing continuously in height, and moved to the beat of music. These fountains go up to 10 meters high!

Near the Decibel logo, build on the water, we have posted three decorative foam jets. These are very thick fountains of 7.5cm wide. The fountains reaching a height of 8 meters, and automatically move up and down.

Scattered around the grounds we placed various floating decorative fountains. A real eye-catcher was the volcano fountain. This is a multi-jet fountain which is eight meters high and eight meters wide. The fountain is made up of 18 nozzles and it is illuminated with 4 powerful under water spots.