CO2 effects

A Magical Experience!

CO2 jets and CO2 guns

Indispensable for any festive event or festival

The CO2 jet should not be missed at any event, festivities, openings, exhibitions, film shoots, commericals, etcetera. CO2 is a liquid gas which is not flammable or explosive and gives a great white icy plume. This gives a great special effect for the visitors of your event.

There are various types of CO2 effects available. The CO2 Jet is the most common, thus under the most favorable circumstances, plumes of up to 15 meters height can be made! In addition, there are Co2 cannons available that go up to 20 meters high! The jets can be programmed music synchronously to music of your choice, and are often an important part of a show to music. CO2 jets can be mounted under any desired angles, and also spray from top to bottom. For more complex applications, we also have CO2 jets that can run in 360 degrees (just like a moving head).

* No license required
* For indoor and outdoor
Price CO2 show from € 500, -

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