Confetti Effects

Confetti & Streamer FX

Many possibilities

Shoot large amounts of confetti or streamers on your audience! We have various machines, which in particular is ideal for making an artistic effect with confetti. The effect can be shot meters away from the ground or from the air swirling down on your audience. For example, we can also realize a snowstorm with the use of this machines.


Various machines in stock

With the use of a confetti machine, such as a stage shot blaster, or super-blaster of Magic FX, we can achieve the dispersion of a significant cloud confetti perfectly.


Customized effects

For a large confetti explosion, we have developed special techniques to make sure the impact is extremely far blown away. The largest confetti effects are developed by using of fireworks technology. For this we have all the permits, so we can apply it safely at your event.

Learn more about the possibilities with confetti? Please contact us, we are happy to help.