Fountains to the beat of Music!

Our musical water shows are very spectacular to see! The fountains are all individually adjustable in height and strength. As a result, the most complex shapes and movements can be presented.

The control of the fountains is always done with the firm MA2 consoles systems of MA lighting. Our time code equipment is specially designed to create shows on music. Many shows of various events are controlled with our time code equipment and is synchronized to music. We can create al sorts of timecode for your laser, video and lighting partner. Our fireworks, special effects and watershow systems are also connected to this system.

The water shows on music are actually fittable anywhere. We have floating elements. This allows us to create a water show in any existing water (lake, river, canal, etc.). Our modular build pond edge system lends itself perfectly for building a pond at any location. Because we offer these two options, we can actually build a water show anywhere you want.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Sense Effects: A Magical Experience