Water & Fire Show at AED Studio's Lint (Belgium)

Unique Show for a corperate event

Timecoded water and fire show!

We have presented a unique water and fire show during the dinner of a corporate event! The show was pre-programmed entirely on timecode. The music is of the show was indicated by the customer.

To the beat of the music there were 7 floating flames added to the show. The main attraction consisted of no less than 32 water fountains. Each fountain was individually illuminated from underwater in every possible color. A magical experience for the visitors!

Fountains reach up to the roof easily (22meters)

This indoor water show location is unique in its kind. In the middle of the room is a large water basin situated of 25x35 meters wide and 4 meters deep. The distance until the ceiling is 22 meters high (and our fountains reach easily to the roof).

We know this location very good, and so can be highly of service for a water show in this unique room!

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.